Start automation testing with Testorzo

Testorzo is an application built using the latest technologies that automates websites including all required action with fewer efforts and provides insightful test reports.

A great value for your business.
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01 / Runs on major browsers

Initial support for Firefox and Chrome.

02 / Json formatted test cases

Json formatted test cases will reduce the effort to write test scenerios.

03 / Parallal testing experience

Parallal testing will give you the best testing experience.

Get started with our software for your business

Powerful automation testing tool

Easy to use

Simple IDE to write automated test cases for web applications.

Test report

Providing insightfull automation test report with all required details.

Grouping Test cases

Grouping test cases based on your projects.

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Quick feature for next generation

Use free trial without the high costs. For the big companies we offer premium plans.

1000.00 Monthly

Standard Plan